Request for Recommendation Letter for the Confucius China Studies Program

For the Confucius China Studies Program, priority will be given to applicants who submit a letter of recommendation from their local Confucius Institute.

Click here for instructions on how to request a letter of recommendation from the OU Confucius Institute.

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Confucius China Studies Program


The Confucius China Studies Program consists of six programs that are designed to enhance the understanding of China and Chinese Culture through the funding of a "Joint Research Ph.D. Fellowhsip," "Ph.D. in China Fellowship," "Understanding China Fellowship," "Young Leaders Fellowship," "International Conference Grant," and a "Publication Grant." If you are interested in applying for any of these programs please see a short synopsis of each program below and a link to the Confucius China Studies Program website for more details on each program. As priority is given to applicants who have received a recommendation letter from a Confucius Institute, if you are interested in any of the Confucius China Studies Programs, please contact the OU Confucius Institute.

Joint Research Ph.D. Fellowship

Provides funding for Ph.D. candidates at Non-Chinese Universities to study and do research in China for their doctoral dissertations. This fellowship may allow students who successfully complete the program to receive degrees from both their Non-Chinese University and the Chinese University they attend.

Ph.D. in China Fellowship

Provides funding for Non-Chinese students to study in full-time Ph.D. degree programs at Chinese Universities.

"Understanding China Fellowship"

This program consists of three subprograms - "Visiting Scholar to China," "Short Term Visit," and "Chinese Visiting Scholar":

The "Visiting Scholar to China" program is aimed to provided funding for non-Chinese teachers, researchers, and postdoctoral scholars from non-Chinese universities to do research in China with Chinese researchers.

The "Short Term Visit" program is designed to provide funding for middle and senior officials from government, education and culture non-profit organizations, and business to visit China from two weeks up to two months.

The "Chinese Visiting Scholar" program is aimed at providing funding for high level Chinese scholars to teach credit courses in foreign countries on Chinese Economics, Finance, Law, Culture, and other areas. Scholars may travel to their host country for a period of 6 to 12 months.

"Young Leaders Fellowship"

Provides funding for outstanding people who are under 40 years of age who are a senior in college or have obtained at least a bachelors degree and work in the areas of politics, economics, finance, law education, culture, arts, and media to visit China for two to six weeks.

"International Conference Grant"

The grant is designed to support Confucius Institutes, universities, research institutes, and scholars in attending or holding international academic conferences on Sinology or Chinese Studies.

"Publication Grant"

This grant will support non-Chinese scholars in publishing or translating academic works and dissertations as well as support the founding of academic journals.