OUCI works with Oklahoma Schools to plant and grow Chinese language programs.

Chinese Language

OUCI assists schools with acquiring, training, and funding Chinese teachers. By the fall of 2009, 46 schools hosted Chinese teachers instructing 7,300+ students.

ITV Technology

Using interactive television, OUCI broadcasts language instruction to students at 3 remote sites.

Confucius Classrooms

OUCI partners with Oklahoma schools and universities to provide teaching materials, funding to support teaching staff, and tools for Chinese language and culture programs.

OUCI map revised

OUCI Language Promotion Map: Bullets indicate cities where Chinese is taught at the K-12 Level and stars indicate OUCI office locations. 

If your school is interested in starting a Chinese language, ITV, or Confucius Classroom program, please contact Sharon Gou at (405) 325-0208 or sgou@ou.edu.


"OU's already strong programs in Chinese language instruction, including one of the few undergraduate majors in Chinese in the country, and our innovative programs for teaching Chinese in grades K-12 provide a solid foundation on which to build a wide variety of new programs to meet the growing demand for Chinese instruction from all sectors of society."

- Dr. Paul B. Bell

OUCI Chairman of the Board