Concert Information

- The Pangea Project, A Contemporary World Music Band

Additional Performances by:
- The Butterfly Lovers, String Quintuplet from OU's School of Music
- Kerry Folsom, Musician and Music/Composition professor with OSU OKC and OCU
- Yiqing Zhang, Student from Beijing and Zhongruan player

When:  Friday, September 29th
             7:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. (Doors open at 7)
Where: Sharp Concert Hall, OU Campus
             500 W. Boyd Street, Norman, OK

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  • Early Bird Price: $15 (Available until 9/20)
  • Base Price: $20
  • Student/Educator Price: $10*

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About Pangea

PANGEA is an American world fusion band that formed in Los Angeles in 2010, consisting of multi-instrumentalist Hong Wang, Hollywood film composer/pianist Albert Chang and the late Armenian singer/songwriter/guitarist Robert Chilingirian. The three musicians embody composition, production and performance in themselves, most of their works are original. Their songs such as “The Mongolian Matador”, “Blue Magic”, “Nostalgia”, “Rosario” and “Timeless” etc. are very popular among the music websites in Europe and the U.S. As a well-known multi-instrumentalist and composer in Hollywood, Hong Wang scored all music played by Chinese instruments in the eighty episodes American cartoon Kungfu Panda”. He is also the first Chinese-American musician who scored the American cartoon “Legend of Korra” using Matouqin. Guitarist Robert Chilingirian toured around the world and held up to forty concerts every year. His music was ever awarded the Best Latin Music and the award of Hollywood Music Media. Composer Albert Chang’s songs were nominated many times by international movie festivals and he won the Best New Artist at the Shanghai International Movie Festival. In 2015, he got involved in the movie “Crystal” which was nominated for Best Picture by the 24th International Rome Film Festival. In order to continue their music journey, we met Erkin Abdulla by coincidence, a famous Chinese singer and Flamenco guitarist living in the U.S. He learned Guitar since childhood. For the love of music, he chose to be a professional musician after graduated from Minzu University of China in 1999, and formed the Band of Erkin. The music style of the band is mainly Flamenco and Uygur, but they made it unique and international by integrating the elements of Latin music, country music and Jazz. In a short time of months, Erkin and us have had several joint-works. In the interim of the band, they will continue exploring and producing creative music by integrating the Chinese traditional folk music into the world music.

The band’s debut album No Man’s Journey was released on January 1st, 2011, the song from the album “The Mongolian Matador” was nominated for Best Song of the Year by Hollywood Music Media Award in 2014. The song from the New Album “Timeless” of the same name which was released in May 2015 was nominated for Best Song of the Year by Hollywood Music Media Award in 2016. Pangea’s music works are all originally created by the three musicians featuring versatility in all styles as well as strong sense of Imagery, it also combines multiple elements of world music cultures.

 In 2015, Pangea was invited for the second time to China to perform at the Arxan International Forest Musical Festival, the Night of Changchun Langtian International Community, Nanjing International Forest Arts Festival and Nanjing Youth Arts Festival. In November 2015, Pangea presented a special performance for the U.S. in the centenary celebration held by the government of San Francisco for Maotai, China's national liquor, by winning a gold medal at the 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition.

In December 2015, Pangea toured in cities of China, including special performances for colleges and universities in Nanjing, at Wuxi Poly Theater and Suzhou Culture and Arts center. The band therefore won the honorary title of “cultural ambassador” granted by the Overseas Chinese Federation of Jiangsu Province.

Pangea’s music featured film music and music production, and received attention from music companies in Asia, and the band will work with musicians from mainland China and Taiwan to make new music. Invited by the cultural division of Clark County of the State of Nevada, Pangea held their special concert and lecture in Las Vegas this year. They will be travelling in cities including Nashville in Tennessee, Saint Louis in Missouri and Norman in Oklahoma for a tour in September.